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On World Environment Day, Debbie and Liam from Entrust’s Property Team share their top 4 energy saving tips – to save the planet and your pocket!

Now, a lot of this will be common sense, but how often do you remember to apply it?

IT Equipment 

Did you know that the average PC running costs are approximately £50 per year? Now, you may consider this affordable across 12 months, however, have you thought about all the additional costs for multiple devices?

    Nowadays, most households will own multiple mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and other technology devices that we’re often guilty of leaving switched on or charging for longer than we need.

    • Keep an eye on when your devices are fully charged and start a new habit of turning devices off at the wall once the battery is at 100%


    The most efficient light is the one that is switched off! Now, we need to use lighting, particularly in the winter months, but how many times do you leave a room or your house without turning them off? For those of you who do always remember – are you sure you have energy efficient bulbs and lighting throughout your home?

    • Consider upgrading your bulbs! When new LED lights came on to the market they were much more expensive than traditional bulbs, however, even if you spend a couple of pounds extra for a bulb, they last far longer and use less energy so overall you’re likely to save up to 90% on your household lighting bills! You can read more here.

    Manage your energy usage 

    ​​​​​​​Have you ever looked at how much energy you use in a day – cooking, boiling the kettle, and showering? There are so many smart devices that can show you the monetary costs as well as the amount of energy you are using.

    • By monitoring what you use and taking action to manage wastage/over-use you can save energy and cut costs by 5-15%. There’s a load of information online, and you can start your research by reading this article by USwitch.

    Financial support for renewable energy 

    ​​​​​​​for those of you who are feeling ambitious and are open-minded to overhauling how you heat or supply energy to your home, there are a number of government-funded schemes available. They will take a bit of research and understanding but committing to do this now will make a real impact to your carbon footprint and retrofit your home for future generations.

    • You can read more about the options available, including the Renewable Heat Incentive, feed-in tariffs etc on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.


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