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Reminder for the Summer 2020 Sufficiency Collection in Staffordshire

The Childcare Act 2016 places a duty on all Local Authorities to ensure that there is sufficient childcare available for all parents who require it. Whilst the Local Authority is not responsible for providing childcare itself, it is responsible for managing the market to ensure that these duties are met.

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Should you use a member of school staff as your clerk to governors?

There may be a number of reasons why schools use their own staff to clerk their governors’ meetings, but there are compelling reasons against this practice, summarised in three words: professionalism, independence, and support

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The importance of phonological awareness in reading development

Phonological awareness is the access to the sound structure of words. It involves the auditory and oral manipulation of sounds and is an essential part of reading (and writing) development.

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2019 SENCo Workload Survey

The October 2019 results of the SENCo workload survey - one year on (conducted by the National Education Union (NEU), NASEN and Bath Spa University) have been collated and the message is coming through loud and clear. As SENCos, we appear to be losing chunks of precious time to facilitate our roles.

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