Support in MFL exams for EAL pupils: First assessment for new specifications

Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) would already be familiar with the new specifications for their chosen languages, having first started teaching these from 2016 onwards. 

These ‘first wave’ of MFL languages to be taught and assessed include French, Spanish and German. However, the next batch of MFL languages to enter its first year of assessment this year are for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin), Italian, Japanese, Panjabi, Polish, Russian and Urdu.

If you have a pupil in your school with EAL who is able and would like to be entered for the MFL exams, it would be a great opportunity for them to gain an additional GCSE qualification in a subject in which they are already familiar with. Not only will this qualification contribute towards building up their educational portfolio, it would also support their application for Post-16 higher education.

With the new specifications in place, the changes for the exams, apart from the grades being changed to the numerical grade levels (1 to 9), include compulsory content which reflect a broad range of topics, and testing which requires pupils to display skills in translation (both ways).Therefore, pupils with EAL who are looking to register for these exams would require a higher level of support during the preparation time leading up to the exams.

The MEAS team at Entrust is able to provide pre-exam support for your EAL pupils. Not only are team members experienced in conducting the speaking examinations for the GCSEs in your pupil’s first language, sessions can be booked in advance for MEAS staff to conduct exam preparation classes, so the pupils are primed for the exams.

The languages available for support are: Polish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and Urdu. Sessions are available for booking now as we are nearing the examination season so if you would like more information or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us!

“One language sets you in a corridor for life; two languages open every door along the way.” ~ Frank Smith