Reminder for the Summer 2020 Sufficiency Collection in Staffordshire

The Childcare Act 2016 places a duty on all Local Authorities to ensure that there is sufficient childcare available for all parents who require it.  Whilst the Local Authority is not responsible for providing childcare itself, it is responsible for managing the market to ensure that these duties are met.

The Childcare Act demands that provision is available for children aged 0-14 years (16 for disabled children) although changing requirements and the 0-19 agenda will ensure that wrap around care is available for 0-19 years.

In Staffordshire, the Childcare Sufficiency audit happens twice a year, in Autumn and Summer terms. This audit is sent out to all providers by Staffordshire County Council and data is collect via an online questionnaire. This data is used to analyse childcare places within local wards to determine supply and demand. It is essential that all childcare providers complete this questionnaire in order to give a true picture within localities.

The Summer 2020 Childcare Sufficiency Audit will be due in March 2020, Staffordshire County Council will send out the online questionnaire to all providers. Please look out for it.

Further information about Childcare Sufficiency can be found at: