Safeguarding Everyone

We all have a legal duty to safeguard children and young people.

With the wide range of safeguarding issues to be managed, it is crucial that a holistic view of all concerns is available to fully understand the context and risk.

In response, Entrust Education Technologies has developed the Safeguarding Suite, an integrated group of specialist services that deliver a holistic view of safeguarding in education. Allowing leadership and management, teaching and support staff, and interconnecting agencies to effectively and efficiently monitor, manage, record, report and audit safeguarding concerns.  

The Safeguarding Suite includes the following connected services:

Content Monitoring Software (Futures Cloud)
Futures Cloud provides dynamic and intelligent monitoring software that ensures organisations are keeping young people safe when they use technology.

Digital Monitoring Service
The Digital Monitoring Service protects pupils by monitoring, capturing and alerting organisations to potentially harmful content or behaviour. By subscribing to this service schools receive scheduled summary reports and email alerts driven by serious incidents that have taken place.

Safeguarding Management Portal (MyConcern)
MyConcern enables all staff to record any safeguarding concern, safe in the knowledge that a proper record has been made and that their safeguarding lead has been automatically notified. It also equips the designated safeguarding lead to assess each concern and manage any ongoing actions.

Mobile Device Monitoring (Futures Browser)
The Futures Browser app allows you to monitor the web activity of pupils using mobile devices by blocking and alerting safeguarding leads of inappropriate content, social media and other online communications.

Safeguarding Support and Guidance
As schools play a vital role in safeguarding, we assist by providing training and consultancies, to help them better understand online safety requirements and Ofsted criteria.

The safeguarding and emotional wellbeing of children and young people is at the heart of all Entrust Education Technologies services and so our safeguarding solutions ensure that you can receive the education they deserve in a safe and healthy environment.

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