School Resource Management

DfE funded training is still available to support effective school resource management

During these times of uncertainty, the focus on financial efficiency and sustainability has never been more important.

We recently worked with the Department for Education to deliver a series of fully-funded webinars to help schools address this uncertainty, plan for the future and ensure long term financial stability. We're pleased to say the sessions are still available for you to download and watch at a time and place that suits you. 

The series of webinars include:

  • Introduction to Benchmarking
  • Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning using DfE Tools
  • Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning Metrics Deep Dive
  • Introduction to Procurement
  • Joined up Leadership for Effective School Resource Management
  • Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning During Times of Uncertainty

Why download?

  • They were funded by the DfE so is completely free of charge to your school.
  • It will help you integrate your curriculum goals and financial resource management into one approach providing a holistic and proactive way of planning and using resources efficiently.
  • It will help ensure collaborative decision making across your whole leadership team.
  • You will be provided with the knowledge and tools you need to quantify areas of inefficiency, diagnose the causes and enable informed decision-making.

Full details of the training and how to download can be found on the brand-new School Resource Management portal.

Download the training

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