Careers Leader Training

The Careers Strategy 2017 requires all schools and colleges to appoint a Careers Leader. Careers Leaders have the responsibility for the delivery of a school’s careers programme.  

They should be ensuring, among other things, that:

  • The school has a good careers programme that meets the expectations set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • The school has published on its website details of its careers programme and arrangements for providers of technical education or apprenticeships to talk to pupils
  • The destinations of young people from the school are tracked and that this information is used to improve the effectiveness of the school’s careers programme

The Careers Leader Training programme supports the Careers Leader to meet these requirements and meets the Careers Enterprise Company learning outcomes for a Careers Leader training programme. Careers Leaders have the choice of whether to complete the non accredited or an accredited course.

The training is delivered by attendance at four face to face sessions over a period of four months, ongoing support is provided by the use of an individual OneFile account. Learners choosing to complete the accredited course will continue with support of an assessor in their workplace to complete the competency based assessments.