Work Experience Space

WorkExperienceSpace is a tool for schools and colleges to manage their Work Experience offer to students.



Schools and Colleges

WorkExperienceSpace can help Co-ordinators and Tutors manage their Work Experience cohorts in an efficient and integrated package. The database will hold all of your student’s details, allowing you to co-ordinate placement requests from students, employers and your health & safety approvals from Entrust personnel. Your students will also be able to search and find the work experience placement they want with the ability to search employers that match their career aspirations. All done in just a few clicks!

  • Gain access to hundreds of approved health and safety checked employers and search for suitable Work Experience placements
  • Submit, manage and monitor Inspection Requests from students which can be easily updated with the latest Health and Safety results


WorkExperienceSpace is an easy to use tool that helps you to find the work experience placement that you want. You can complete online modules which detail the Work Experience journey from finding the placement to writing the evaluation post work experience.


As an employer, WorkExperienceSpace allows you to inform Entrust Support Services and schools that you are willing to provide work experience placements. WorkExperienceSpace will hold your contact details, allowing schools to search for available opportunities and get in touch with prospective students who are interested in your area of work.

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